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Norikura to Takayama/ Shinhotaka ropeway 2019/6/5 13:56

I am doing to loop from Kansai region to Nagano area and moving to Gifu area before making final stop back to Kansai from 10-22 June.

I am intending to use 4 day Alp Wide free pass during the trip but I am abit confused with the travelling from Norikura Kogen to Takayama / Shinhotaka ropeway.

Part of my itinerary is like this:
13th Matsumoto to Kamikochi
14th Kamikochi to Norikura Kogen
15th Norikura Kogen to Shinhotaka Ropeway.

According to the bus route, I must do a transit at Hirayu Onsen to get to either Takayama or Shinhotaka. But in order for me to do that, I must go to Norikura (Tatamidaira). But the bus timetable seems to say that there is no bus that goes to Norikura (Tatamidaira)from Norikura Kanko Center Mae in June.

How can I get to Takayama/ Shinhotaka ropeway then?

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!
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Re: Norikura to Takayama/ Shinhotaka ropeway 2019/6/5 21:51

OK I think I figured out what is going on.


If you look at the bus route map on the Norikura access page on this website you can sort of see the problem.

Presumably you are doing Kamikochi to Norikura via the route that goes near Shirahone and Norikura Kogen, and yup, that route does not go all the way to the top until July. So to get to Takayama and Shin Hokata you will need to back track to Kamikochi to catch a bus to Hirayu.

If your goal was to specifically go to the top of Norikura (Tatamidaira) then you would need to go from Kamikochi to Hirayu and transfer there for a bus going to the top of Mt. Norikura.

Here is the times table should you just want to go to the top, you use Nohi bus vs. Alpico since you will be on the Gifu-ken side.

Since I don't know what your specific goals or interests are, I can't tell you which route is better. The former will be a long day though because of the back tracking. I think I read somewhere about some special snow viewing trips on Norikura, but I hate snow and try to avoid seeing it in the Summer.

Please be aware that you are traveling in rainy season.

Good luck!
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Re: Norikura to Takayama/ Shinhotaka ropeway 2019/6/5 21:57
BTW unless you can't cancel reservations, if Norikura Kogen and Norikura Kanko are the goals on Norikura I would probably do:

Matsumoto to Norikura
Norikura to Kamikochi
Kamikochi to ShinHokata
ShinHokata to Takayama

It solves the back tracking issue, though you will have to back track down Mt. Norikura because again the road to the top is closed on the Nagano-ken side.
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Re: Norikura to Takayama/ Shinhotaka ropeway 2019/6/7 02:37
Thank you so much for the Takayama

Yeah, I will definitely not be back tracking, since it is wasting too much time.
Will be going Takayama from Norikura Kogen :) , but kind of dread the back tracking....

Thank you! :)
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