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Student Visa 2019/6/6 01:55
Hi All,

I am Shiva from India. I am planning to lean Japanese language and to work in Japan. Basically I am IT- Software SAP consultant. My main intention is to learn Japanese language and get work permit in IT industry in Japan.. Kindly request you to guide with your valuable suggestions

1. Kindly let me know which University/college is offering Japanese language course with minimal fees or with scholarships. Please request if any one have idea on that kindly help with your valuable replies.
2. How much money is required roughly for course and living expenses.
3. Whether I can work in Japan while learning Japanese language .
4. I have a family person, Kindly request to give your valuable suggestions

Thanks All
by shiva (guest)  

Re: Student Visa 2019/6/6 12:25
1. None. Don't think there is any language school/course that provide scholarship.
Cheap as in how cheap?

2. Depends on the course you sign up. Living cost depends on location, for rough estimation
check this https://bit.ly/2WmzNNu

3. Basically you can apply for a permission to work (only part time) up to 28 hours per week.
You main reason/status as student is to study. As there are many cases recently of abusing student
visa for working, the Japanese authority is getting strict in this. You cannot work on student status
unless you have this permission or change your student to 'work' (different types) status.

4. Don't bring your family along if you have difficulties paying course fess and can't even support
yourself. Find yourself a proper job offer from Japan and enter with a proper 'working' visa. Then you
can start thinking bringing your family under 'dependent' visa.

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Re: Student Visa 2019/6/6 15:08
you could study Japanese in India.

No visa, presumably lower costs.

And then search a job in Japan afterwards. Yes, it will be a bit easier to search for a job while already in Japan on a student visa, but considering that learning Japanese to a N1or N2 Level typically takes 2 years of intense study, you could reduce the costs considerably by studying in your home country.
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Re: Student Visa 2019/6/6 17:22
JASSO scholarship
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