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death of japanese husband 2019/6/7 04:09
Hello. Im married to a japanese national for 8 years and been living in Japan since then (i go home to my country occasionally for not a long time)
I have a Spouse of a Japanese national visa status for 3 years but will be expiring next year. My husband died of cardiac arrest it was so sudden.
We donft have kids.
Can i renew my visa to any other visa type that will allow me to stay and work legally in japan?
Can i still apply for permanent resident or long term resident?
I donft have any guarantor. I do not have contact with any of my husbandfs relative.
Please help me. Thank you
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Re: death of japanese husband 2019/6/7 10:24
My condolences to you. It must be difficult for you...

So you have work in Japan, correct? I believe you may have an opportunity to change your status to glong-term resident,h as you have been living with your husband and working in Japan for 8 years already. You might need some assistance from people living in Japan, be it your employer or your husbandfs relatives (no contact at all?).

Be sure to report the death of your husband to the immigration office within 14 days (according to the rules). Best wishes with everything.
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Re: death of japanese husband 2019/6/7 21:05
You have high chance of getting teiju visa. In case of spouse death, immigration has sympathy for you.
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Re: death of japanese husband 2019/6/8 12:14
I have read a lot of information on this. You will get sympathy in this case. Immigration is sympathetic
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