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One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/9 01:16
I would like to take the romance train from Tokyo to the Hakone/Fuji area.
I want to do a variety of things: see Mt Fuji (take the tram if it is open) bathe in hot springs, take the Hakone Tozan-Train a trip on a non pirate ship across the lake.
It is difficult for me to tell how far apart these options are and in what order i should proceed.
thanks J
by judith thorn (guest)  

Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/9 13:41
Hi Judith,

Just so you know, there are no guarantees of seeing Mt. Fuji when you visit Hakone. I've gone multiple times and have never seen Mt. Fuji from Hakone and only one time involved bad weather. It's not a guaranteed view. If you want to see Mt. Fuji you are better off trying Kawaguchiko, which is about 1 to 2 hours from Gora in Hakone.

Good luck!
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Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/9 16:09
Although Kawaguchiko is a far better option to secure a view of Mt. Fuji, it is not a good idea to cover both Hakone and Kawaguchiko on the same day (I assume you only have one day), especially when you have some activities to do in Hakone. I believe it would take at least 2 hours to get to Kawaguchiko Station from Hakone area (requires a transfer at Gotemba).

For one, I have been able to see Mt. Fuji during my only trip to Hakone in winter from across Lake Ashinoko and while on the boat, and again from the ropeway to Owakudani.
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Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/9 16:21
Agreed with the other comments, but really your best chance of seeing Mt Fuji is from the plane on the way to Narita, sometimes you get a cracker view of it.

On the order, it depends on where you are going to have the onsen. I'd pick Tonosawa which is a very atmospheric town (village really) a few hundred meters from Hakone Yumoto. Then I'd go back to Hakone Yumoto to take the Tozan line train (really nice trip to Gora) then go to the lake from Gora. Part of the ropeway is closed but there are buses apparently. Then I'd take the pirate ship from there to the other side where the cedar groves are.

There is an open air museum at one of the train stops which is worth a look, takes maybe and hour to get through if you are a philistine like me, probably a lot more if you have more appreciation for art.
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Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/9 22:33
I'm not saying OP should try to do Kawaguchiko and Hakone in a day, but if you want to assure yourself a view of Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchiko *IS* a better bet. It really depends on what OP's main goal is.

I've been to Hakone 2x in March, 1 in October and 1 in February (and once in June but that is the time it rained.) I have never seen Mt. Fuji from Hakone. So OP might see it, people certainly have, but you can't put it on a list of definites, it's not like going to the Open Air Museum or taking the Tozan line or using an onsen.

Personally, my best view of Mt. Fuji I ever saw was a May flight from Chubu Airport to the USA. It was pretty amazing and crystal clear. From the ground, I've gotten some great views from Tokyo. I think the same March trip I didn't see Mt. Fuji from Hakone, I got a great view of it looming over Tokyo from Odaiba. But I tend to have great luck seeing Mt. Fuji from Tokyo.

I took the Romance car in February 2010 and it was quite peasant and relaxing. I liked not having to change trains until I got to Hakone Yumoto.

Good luck OP!
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Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/10 06:45
Agreed, we were in Kawaguchiko in October last year, the views of Mt Fuji were spectacular. I would mention though that when we got to town (say 1PM) you couldnt see it at all except glimpses through the cloud. It fined up and was visible from about 4PM.
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Re: One day in Hakone Fuji area 2019/6/10 08:33
Check a map of the area to get an idea of how far apart things are.
Also note that getting around the area, and doing the things you mention, does take all day. Especially if you are building in a trip to an onsen or one of the many museums.
And, while you mention going across the lake, if you do get the Hakone Free Pass it will save you some money if you take one of the "pirate" ships. Just ignore the tacky-ness of them.
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