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Buying pills in Japan 2019/6/9 13:39
Can foreign tourist buy in pharmacy pils, which are for Japan people Rx-only?
by Ivan (guest)  

Re: Buying pills in Japan 2019/6/9 14:34
Not sure what Rx stands for. But in Japan as in many other countries you have two types of medication:

- over the counter OTC, things like Aspirin... that you can buy WITHOUT a prescription.
- drugs you need a prescription for.
- well strictly speaking there is also a third category. Which is drugs NOT available in Japan or heavily regulated. Ie things like oxycodone. Such drugs are even prohibited to be brought into Japan. ( generally speaking. There are some lengthy rules around them)

There is no limitation on if you are a foreigner or not. But if it is a prescription drug, then youfll need a prescription from a doctor IN JAPAN. She/ he will normally prescribe you the exact amount. So if she/he prescribes you to take x drug 2x per day for 5 days, the pharmacist will give you exactly 10 pills.

Keep healthy!

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Re: Buying pills in Japan 2019/6/9 19:59
@LikeBike, Rx means prescription.

I would figure that a prescription medication would not be able to bo bought by a tourist with no prescription from a Japanese doctor/hospital. But then again, I've only bought medication from a pharmacy AFTER I visited a Japanese hospital, so what do I know...
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Re: Buying pills in Japan 2019/6/10 07:25
You need a japanese prescription to buy japanese prescription only drugs.

The word prescription in prescription drugs is very self explanatory.
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