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Gotemba to Fuji Safari Park by bus 2019/6/9 22:38
Hello everyone!

I was giving some thoughts to the idea of visiting the safari park but the only public access I could find would be via bus from gotemba station (which would be more frequented as bus stop rather than other nearby cities i heard) but..

My problem is that I couldn't manage to find an updated schedule for summer 2019, I only found on the web a pdf timetable schedule for the fujikyu bus, but despite it was all in Japanese (thanks to Google I managed to understand which ones are the kanjis for gotemba, and for the rest thankfully I can read katakana for the safari park stop) I still couldn't find anywhere in it a stated year for which the times were guaranteed. So it could either be a old pdf around the web, or a new one but I have no way to know it.

So I'm asking you guys, if any of you maybe knows which is the right timetable schedule for summer 2019 to get to safari park from gotemba Station?

Super thanks in advance for listening and to everyone that will answer ♥

Have a great day!
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Re: Gotemba to Fuji Safari Park by bus 2019/6/10 14:42
updated schedule for summer 2019???

No such info, where?
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Re: Gotemba to Fuji Safari Park by bus 2019/6/11 00:24
The latest bus timetable is this.


It will be the same in summer, probably.
The first bus leaves Gotemba station (御殿場駅) at 8:00 and arrive at Fuji Safari Park(富士サファリパーク) at 8:34 every day.

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