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Worried about my cat not remembering me 2019/6/10 15:55
So I have future plans in 2 years to go to study Japanese in Japan for 2 year term if able, so I can try and see about setting up a future in Japan for my spouse and I along with our two cats and dog. I'm trying to think ahead for certain situations. As I'm in bed typing this I'm petting my cat and tearing up at the thought that when I leave I'll miss him so much and also worried he wont remember me at all.

I adopted my cat 3 years ago, he's very skiddish and skeptical of everything. I remember the volunteer at the humane society told me not to adopt him because of how much of a feeb he is, but I did anyway because as I was petting him I felt a very special connection. He's only comfortable around me and my spouse, but if there is any guests they will never get to see them in their life, unless they are a close friend of ours that would spend every weekend at our house and gets used to them being around lol
It took him almost 2 1/5 years to get him to be brave in roaming the house all on his own. I remember I went on a trip for only a week and when I came home he was skeptical of me, it took almost 3 days for him to warm up to me again, it gave me such anxiety..I can't imagine how he would see me if I was gone for 2 years granted that I'm not going to be able to afford to take a trip back home, possibly only 1 trip out of the whole term.

I notice he loves to lay on my worn clothes and bury his face in them (it's so cute I'm crying internally just thinking about it) Would it be expensive to periodically ship some shirts I've worn with my scent so my spouse can lay it on the bed for him to sniff and lay on? Has anyone had a similar concern about their pets not being able to remember them after they go abroad? Sorry if this seems really weird but I love my boy so much and just knowing how he is worries me, I'm glad my spouse will be there to still have a familiar parent around and makes sure he gets love.
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Re: Worried about my cat not remembering me 2019/6/10 19:00
troll alert??
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Re: Worried about my cat not remembering me 2019/6/10 19:04
If you are genuine about this head to a cat lover forum. There is nothing specific about Japan in your question. You will suffer the same wether you just go to life a few km apart but canft visit the cat. (The cat most likely will just be fine anyway. She/he wants food and a roof)
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Re: Worried about my cat not remembering me 2019/6/11 02:42
We sympathize, but life goes on.
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