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Fukuoka to Kumamoto bus 2019/6/10 21:01
Hi All,

We would be travelling from Hakata to Kumamoto in a couple of months time.
Base on the pdf document below, I gathered if would cost 4100 Yen per person for the return bus trip.

I would like to find out the following:
- is it possible to purchase prepaid return tickets for a discount?
- is it necessary to book for the bus tickets in advance?

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Re: Fukuoka to Kumamoto bus 2019/6/11 21:14
How about JR?You need 2130 yen from hakata to Kumamoto by Japan
Railway. And it is unforgettable journey.
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Re: Fukuoka to Kumamoto bus 2019/6/11 22:12
the booklet you cited shows that one way is 2280 yen. a round trip is 4100 yen after discounting.
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Re: Fukuoka to Kumamoto bus 2019/6/12 00:41
It says 2 tickets=4100 yen, 4 tickets=7640 yen.
Reservation is not necessary.

Highway bus between Fukuoka and Kumamoto is very convenient because
1. very frequent service
2. Kumamoto Kotsu Center is in the downtown area near the castle. Kumamoto railway station is far from the downtown.

On the other hand, JR offer 2 mai kippu.
Two shinkansen non-reseraved tickets between Hakata and Kumamoto =7460 yen.
Only 38 minutes !
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