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Tokyo vintage motorcycle shops (Honda Chaly) 2019/6/11 01:14
We'll be in Tokyo June 30th, for 3 days trip and are looking to buy parts of old Honda Chaly (70th-80th) vintage old motorcycle.
We'll stay on Sunjuku area but can move around, is someone knows some places where we should have a look on?
Thanks in advance for your reply
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Re: Tokyo vintage motorcycle shops (Honda Chaly) 2019/6/11 23:28
NOT Sunjuku, "Shinjuku", anyway, I do not know which parts you want,
but in Tokyo there is no stock of genuine Chaly(C) parts at any bike shop.
In a large motorcycle supplies store, only external products are kept
and it is not be expected to receive C used parts.
Used parts in C are usually sold online or in the owner's network.
Basically, it's almost impossible for you to see the owner of C while staying in Japan.
Even if the rainy season is over,
the owners will hardly be able to ride because it will only have a hot and humid summer.

However, there is many pretty big bookstores in Shinjuku,
so you should ask the clerk if there is a stock of "4mini(four mini)" magazines or mooks.
If you buy magazines, you can get some infoas there is a bike shop ad.
Also there is a large second-hand bookstore,
but it may be difficult to find 4 mini magazines bc location is pretty mid urban city.

In Shinjuku, there is also a tourist info center with a talented staff in Shinjuku,
but no info on motorcycle can be obtained.
You can search for bookstore info with Google without going there.

It depends on the weather, but if you go here on SAT or SUN you can see many riders.

If it is a weekday other than WED, you may find something if you go here.

Try to post it here too.
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Re: Tokyo vintage motorcycle shops (Honda Chaly) 2019/6/13 02:28
My apologize for the written error ...
Thank you so much for all these very interesting informations
I will have a look on all possibilities you gave me
Best regards,
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Re: Tokyo vintage motorcycle shops (Honda Chaly) 2019/6/14 19:04
I have seen some in okubo, the korean town, with vintage bikes!
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