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Question regarding a rejected CoE application 2019/6/11 16:42
my friends rejected CoE application

It says 2C and 4L (経費支弁書) Basically the sponsor information. We check the old letter he used 3 years ago when he came to Japan and it's the same. Everything is the same. He left in 2017 and was supposed to enter his new uni in May this year

Is it possible to contact the immigration and ask where exactly the error is? Like if there's no wrong information what are they highlighting as wrong?

School told him that the immigration pointed out that the problem is on the again 経費支弁書 but where ? We dont no lol . Even though the 2C is there the highlighted thing was the sponsor thing

2C is this 申請入の経歴等に関する資料に整合性又は合理性があるとは認められません He barely worked part time, did make any troubles and still got this

We went to school since middle school and everything certificate he got are identical to mine except for sports and other activity stuff meaning there are no fake or dodgy stuff going on

My friend is not in Japan BTW. He was supposed to come here but not this
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