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Lost purse in Tokyo 2019/6/11 21:18
Hi, we left hotel this morning and took taxi arrived at Tokyo station. Then we hurried went to exchange JR pass and arrived waiting station for the train to Odawara. By the time we just arrived Odawara, my daughter realized that she canft find her purse. Since she can not remember exactly where it might be lost, we first called Hotel, and was told they did not find anything in the lobby. We then went to station at Odawara ask for help. A young man called Tokyo station, but no luck. We then went to a tourist information boost asking for help. A young lady is so nice and helpful. She spent quite long time helping us called taxi company and also Tokyo station again for the missuing purse. However, none of the calls bring any luck. I am wondering any other things we should do that can help to get her purse back? Should we really need to report to police station? Since we already called everywhere, I feel like there has not much hope to get her purse back. Any advice is highly appropriate.

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Re: Lost purse in Tokyo 2019/6/12 13:06
First of all, if the purse contains any sort of ID or credit/bank/prepaid card, you should immediately contact the organization that issued the card in order to prevent the card to be abused.

It does help to file a police report, because A) if you leave your contact number, it would be easier for the police to contact you once they've found the purse, and B) if the purse is insured (for example, if you have travel insurance for any possibly stolen items), a copy of the police report would allow you to get you money from the insurance company. The only disadvantage of filing a police report is that it would take you an extra 30 minutes or so of your trip. Just visit any Koban (police booth) in Japan to report about the lost purse.

Lost items are finally sent to the police station of each prefecture, usually after a week of being stored by the organization (such as hotel or station) that found it. While filing your report, ask the police which website to look into to check if there is anything similar to your purse. Typically they are as follows:

On-line search for items found in Tokyo and delivered to the police

On-line search for items found in Kanagawa and delivered to the police

By the way, any person who finds lost money has the right to get 5-20% of the full amount. For this reason, in Japan, purses and wallets tend to be returned to the owner, unless it was deliberately stolen.

I hope that the rest of your journey would compensate you with better memories.
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