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Hanshin Tourist Pass-Kintetsu 1 or 2 day pass 2019/6/12 16:00
Hello Everyone

A couple of days ago, I was asking about whether or not I should purchase the Kansai Thru pass if I wanted to go for a day trip to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. I am planning a trip in September and will be living next to Tengachaya station. Just now, I found the Hanshin Tourist Pass and the Kintetsu 1 or 2 day rail pass.

For Kobe, I was wondering if the Hanshin Tourist Pass would be cheaper than using a ICOCA card or the Kansai Thru Pass (I know I will have to use to ICOCA card to get to Osaka Namba station, but it still looks like a good deal)?

For my day trip to Kyoto and Nara, is it worth it to purchase the Kintetsu 1 or 2 day rail pass over the Kansai Thru pass or the ICOCA card?


Thank you all for your help
by William (guest)  

Re: Hanshin Tourist Pass-Kintetsu 1 or 2 day pass 2019/6/15 15:06
Sorry but this is general answer, not specified to your question.
There are so many railway passes in Japan and no one knows them all.
If you like to know accurately whether it is worth to buy them or not, check the ticket prices using HyperDia and compare with the passes.
Generally, railway passes pay off if you make a round trip between the both ends.
Generally, railway passes only for foreign tourists are very generous. They make us (=Japanese) feel envious.
But note that in Kansai area, JR is faster than private company lines (=Hanshin, Hankyu, Kintesu, Nankai, Keihan).
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