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Spouse visa expiring, looking for new job 2019/6/13 13:46
Hey everyone, just looking for some advice from anyone that has been in the same situation. I am in Japan on a spouse visa, which will expire on the 28th of this month. I've already applied for my renewal/extension last month, but still no golden letter from the immigration office. This is my issue however.

while I am currently working, I am also looking for a new job (screw english teaching lol but that's another post). What I am worried about is potential employer's not hiring me because my gaijin card says my status expires this month.

according to the law, once I applied I was automatically given a 2 month extension. But I don't have any paper work to back this us in a job interview.

This has put a speedbump in my job search as I don't want to waste an interview just to be told they are worried about my visa status. Even if i'm almost guaranteed to get a extension.
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Re: Spouse visa expiring, looking for new job 2019/6/13 16:08
First the so called gaijin card does not excise since 2012.

You can keep searching for a new job.
True, that getting hired is difficult since you in the process for applying a new visa.
To increase your change it is better to wait for the visa or explain and to you new employer that you in the process and hope for their understanding.
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Re: Spouse visa expiring, looking for new job 2019/6/13 18:45
Any reason for you to fear it might not get renewed/extended? If your marriage status hasnft changed, the marriage is genuine, your (or your Japanese spousefs) income situation hasnft changed, and with help from your spouse youfve already applied for an extension, I wouldnft worry about it at all. If asked, you just say, oh Ifve applied for an extension, and look like why they would even ask about it, and thatfs it.
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