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Divorce / Change of Status of Residence 2019/6/13 17:29
Ok I'll try and truncate all the details to the most relevant information.

I came to Japan on a tourist visa, switched to a spouse visa after meeting my former spouse.
I had one year spouse visa,
then renewed and am currently on the second year. The period of stay is till August 22nd.
My spouse and I separated and they just filed the divorce yesterday.
I've looked at my options and I think the only possible route is to change status of residence to 'Student'.

I moved to Kyoto and mailed the moving notice to my old ward in Tokyo informing them I will move, and am living with a friend attempting to start over.
Once I receive the notice I'll take it to my local ward here in Kyoto and file that I live here.
After this I will go report my divorce to the local immigration, inform them I moved to Kyoto, and that I wish to change my status of residence to 'Student' and attend a language school here in Kyoto. I tried learning the language on my own the whole two years prior but barely any took, half the time I was busy with well... my former spouse and I built a cafe together, using mostly my families borrowed money. My ex pushed me out and took over the cafe, even got on TV twice, then essentially handed it over to someone else because they got 'tired' of doing it... after a year...
Everything was in their name so I don't even think this is relevant information, yet, I figured it would be worth mentioning.

Another thing I'm a bit worried about is I never got a 'My Number Card' and my spouse handled the taxes and pension, I've never made payments since they handled it, yet they informed me they marked me as some sort of exception so I don't have to pay. I'm worried if I don't retroactively pay or something of the sort that it could effect my residence status change. I will attempt to go to the local Pension division here in Kyoto and resolve the issue.

I have family overseas that can fully support me in language school, and has the funding to do so. The paper work will all be in order. I don't really see an issue other than the immigration being suspicious or something of my situation perhaps. I just want to make sure it will go smoothly.

Does my plan sound all in order and likely to have a positive outcome?
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Re: Divorce / Change of Status of Residence 2019/6/13 19:15
I will just say that the situation is difficult there is 0.5% chances for student visa .but best of luck
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