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Taking contact to your japanese host family 2019/6/14 20:47
So I'm going on exchange to Japan in August and I've just received a host family. They gave me an email as well and I'd really like to make contact with them so a wrote a little mail for the host family.

(Nice to meet you family. x. I am (last name, given name). Thanks a lot for being willing to become my host family!)
はじめまして(the family’s last name)さん。私はニールセン・コーネリアスです。ホストファミリーをして下さるのことありがとうございます。

(I heard you like music. I also like a lot of music, i often listen to various genres. What is your favorite genre?)

(I also heard you have two dogs, what kind of dogs are they - as in what race -. I have a cotton de tuléar and a cavalier king charles spaniel) Could not find any Japanese name for these.
にびきの犬をかっているも聞きました。どんな犬をかっているですか。私の犬はCoton de Tuléar とCavalier king charles spaniel

(Im looking forward to meeting you in August)

(Best regard... or how that is translated :) )

My level of Japanese is not that good yet so really don't want it to be perfect or anything even close to that. If possible I'd just like them to understand my intentions and feelings without sounding rude or anything like that.

Also, I only received the romanized version of the family's first and last name/names. I'm writing this in the little kanji I know otherwise hiragana, but would it be rude to address the family by their last name written in hiragana since I don't know the kanji for it? I also keep using "anata" but the mail is more like for the whole family, so would this be weird?

I'm worried it might be too intrusive as well?

Sorry i write so much but thanks a lot for the help! Means lot to me :)
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Re: Taking contact to your japanese host family 2019/6/15 07:09
Foreigner at N2 Level speaking

I think your text is well understandable. For the dogs I’d probably just add in a picture of your dogs additional to those races.

Yes, there are some grammar errors and I am pretty sure that some parts could be expressed better, but that’s not the purpose here. I think the purpose is to say hello and more or less honestly inform them about your Japanese level. You won’t be able to consult with this forum prior to each sentence you utter. And your Japanese isn’t so bad at all (although I guess that you took some time to compose this message). This is you and your Japanese. You’ll learn more while in Japan and with your host family.

Enjoy your stay in Japan!
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Re: Taking contact to your japanese host family 2019/6/15 13:30
I agree with LikeBike, and just to answer your questions, the most proper thing to do when you don't know the kanji of a Japanese person's name is to write the name in kana (either hiragana or katakana is okay). And since you say you are concerned about using "anata", may I suggest that you have the option to simply write;


without the あなたが

I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan while brushing up your Japanese which is already great!
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Re: Taking contact to your japanese host family 2019/6/16 08:38
I'm Japanese.
There are several places where the grammar is different.
But I understand that meaning and there is no rude expression.

I agree with two answers.

Japanese person may feel rude to make a mistake in the name of the Kanji.
If you don't know the name of the kanji, you should not write in kanji.
So, you had better write in katakana or hiragana.

I want to correct only one.
Because you will have many opportunities to use it in Japan.

I hope that you enjoy the experience in Japan!
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