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Luggage forwarding Airport to Airport 2019/6/16 19:41
I have some luggage I will not need while travelling in Japan. Can I use one of the luggage forwarding services (for example JAL, GPA) at Narita airport to send luggage for collection at my departure airport (Fukuoka) 9 days later?

The luggage forwarding company websites offer services from airports to hotels and vice versa, but I cannot find any mention of sending from airport to airport with storage for 9 days.

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Re: Luggage forwarding Airport to Airport 2019/6/17 14:52
Airport to airport isnft the problem, as you can send your luggage anywhere. The problem in my eyes are the 9 days. However as day 1 is your arrival day it might be just about acceptable. I would call the company ahead (eg Kuroneko Yamato does have an English call center) and confirm.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Luggage forwarding Airport to Airport 2019/6/18 08:18
Most if not all companies have a standardized delivery of up to seven days in advance. You could contact each on individually to check.

Or just have this luggage sent somewhere in the middle of your trip, and again sent to Fukuoka for collection at the end of your trip.

Or hold on to it for two days, then sent to to Fukuoka for collection seven days later.
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Re: Luggage forwarding Airport to Airport 2019/7/17 16:20
Luggage forwarding is a type of delivery service. Instead of carrying your luggage with you on public transportation or Shinkansen trains you can often have it delivered directly to your destination.

Many airports have luggage delivery counters. No prior reservation is required for transporting luggage, only your contact information and payment. Airport luggage forwarding often costs between \1,500 and \3,000.

Also, airports and train stations are equipped with automatic coin-operated left luggage lockers. The lockers differ in size, so you can find one to meet the needs of your baggage storage. They are rented for the day, from the time of rental until midnight, although some can store your suitcase or backpack for up to 3 days. Costs for lockers range between \300 and \700 per day.

Source: https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/transporting-luggage-forwarding

Have a great time in Japan!
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