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Transfer between schools / Visa sponsorship 2019/6/17 12:44
Hey guys! Could you help me please.

Currently Ifm on a student visa (w) as a senmongakko student. I got my visa in April and itfs valid for a period of 2 years (till April 2021). However, I just applied to university, and in case I get admitted Ifd like to quit the senmongakko and transfer to a new school. My university studies will start in September.

Should I change my visa in this case? Because I guess, my visa status will remain the same.
Or maybe I should just notify the immigration office of the changes...?

Thank you so much for your help!
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Re: Transfer between schools / Visa sponsorship 2019/6/17 18:42
You mean to say your resident status category will be the same, be it gsenmon gakkoh or university, I assume. You will not be changing the resident status, but you will be reporting the change in the school where you study to the immigration office.

Was there anywhere in your application with the university where you mentioned that you are already in Japan on gstudenth status? I am asking because the university will have to allow plenty of time for the visa application and approval process gin caseh someone from outside Japan applies, or someone in Japan but on a different status applies. So they should be informed of your current status. Nowadays student visa application seems to take longer time than before. So they might think that if they accept you at the end of June (just for example), they might not be able to complete the visa process before you can start in September.

And of course, if you get accepted and attend that university and study beyond two years, you will need to ask for assistance from that university to renew the gstudenth status so that you can complete your studies.
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