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Descending Mt Fuji 2019/6/18 13:38

I'm planning to ascend Mt Fuji via the Yoshida trail and I'll be arriving from Tokyo. From what I've researched, since I have a JR pass I'll take the train from Shinjuku before transferring at Otsuki to reach Kawaguchiko. From there, I'll take a bus to reach Fuji Subaru 5th Station where I will begin my climb via Yoshida trail.

I am then planning to descend and reach Hakone. This is where I am unsure of what the best course of action is. My initial plan was to descend via the Gotemba trail and bus from Gotemba 5th Station to Gotemba Station, where I will then take the Hakone Tozan bus to Hakone area. The problem is that I will have to get my bags transported from Tokyo to my accomodation in Hakone, and I am unsure of the condition of the Gotemba trail.
I can also go back down Yoshida and make my way back to Kawaguchiko to take a bus to Gotemba, which will add at least an extra hour. It will take longer but I can keep my main bag at the station/5th station and return to retrieve it when I descend.

Which way of getting to Hakone would be the recommended one?
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Re: Descending Mt Fuji 2019/6/18 14:42
I canft comment on the Fuji trails, but for your luggage I donft see a problem. You just send it from your Tokyo accommodation to your Hakone accommodation. This should normally take 1 or 2 days. Best ask before in your hotel in Tokyo to check the time for you and call the Hakone Hotel ahead so they know something is going to arrive.

Regarding your transport time fromFuji to Hakone also consider that most hotels will allow check in only free m 15:00 so being super early at your hotel doesnft help. (But obviously youfd have more time for sightseeing in Hakone)

Enjoy your hike!
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Re: Descending Mt Fuji 2019/6/19 05:07
I did this several years ago and what I did was I had my big luggage shipped from my Tokyo hotel to my Hakone hotel, climbed up the kawaguchko side, stayed overnight at the taishikan hut on the 8th station, reached the summer by sunrise, and then climbed down the gotemba side. After taking a bus from the gotemba 5th station to the main gotemba station, I rode a train to Numazu, changed trains and went to Mishima, then got on the Shinkansen Kodama for Odawara. Ifm not sure if that is the best way to do it but it worked well for me, I was traveling alone
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Re: Descending Mt Fuji 2019/6/19 23:57
Hi, thanks for the response! Can I know approximately how long you took for the entire journey? I'm unsure of how early I should start my climb and how long the descent will take :)
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