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shirahone onsen or kamikochi in one day 2019/6/20 05:02
I will travel from Takayama to Matsumoto, and have one day left
I would really like to discover Shirahone, or another onset resort; unfortunately it seems hard to reach Shirahone by bus, so could you advise me another onsen in a beautiful spot that can be joined by public transportation ?

is it worth going to Kamikochi just for one day, if I have no time for a trek ?

thanks for your advice

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Re: shirahone onsen or kamikochi in one day 2019/6/20 12:59
Kamikochi is better overnight, but you could go to the Kamikochi Onsen Hotel which opens their onsen (great rotenburo, one of the best I've used) to the public during the day. They also serve a good curry there, and tea and cake at the nearby Imperial Hotel is very nice. Kamikochi tends to have a lot of visitors during the day which disturbs the peace and quiet, but I havent seen many of them use the onsen (not that I was looking, mind you).
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Re: shirahone onsen or kamikochi in one day 2019/6/20 14:26
Between Takayama and Matsumoto is also Okuhida onsen region. There are some onsen very close to the main bus stop. I stayed for a few nights at Hirayu no mori which has like 9 different rotenburos.

But also some other onsen farther away can be reached by bus from there.

Enjoy your soak!
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