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Looking at Moving to Japan with partner 2019/6/21 04:19
I have been looking on the internet for information but for somethings it is quite confusing, my scenario is below.

Me and my partner are looking at moving to Japan within the next few years as we have previously visited and love everything about it. We are looking for a new experience and a break from the UK.

I am a Science Teacher and have been for 4 years in the UK. I have a bachelor's degree and my PGCE. I know that I would probably be able to get a position teaching science in an international school and they offer packages and support with Visas etc.

My partner is an IT technician who works for the same school as I do but doesn't have a degree as he completed an apprenticeship and has worked in this role for almost 5 years. I do believe there is a limit to how many hours you can work without a bachelor's degree.

I just wondered if anyone has any advice to offer on the following:

If I could get a position working within a school would my partner be able to come with me?
If there is a maximum number of working hours, would I be able to support both of us on the wage we would get?
Is there anywhere we could go to get more advice or speak to someone about relocating to Japan?
If we liked living there would be eventually be able to get permanent residency?
And any other information would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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Re: Looking at Moving to Japan with partner 2019/6/21 12:23
Do you speak/read the Japanese language? If not, your job prospects will be limited to teaching in an international school, or teaching the English language. For your partner, some IT companies might be interested in hiring him for the skills/experiences he has (depending on the area of expertise), but with 5 years it might not be sufficient for a visa sponsorship by an employer even if they are interested in his skills.
It is not the number of work hours, but it is more about the eligibility for a work visa. Please read the gvisah section on this website we are on. Also please search this question forum for similar questions.

About your specific questions:
- If you are married, yes, he can come as gdependenth so that the two of you can live together, and he (with a separate permission) can engage in part-time work.
- If you get an employment offer, you just look at the salary package and see if you can support the two of you with that. I would say it is more a question of whether he would find any employment at all.
- I donft know. But Japan-based immigration lawyers for visa-related suggestions, and Gaijinpot and other websites for job search maybe?
- After ten years of living and working under employer-sponsored work-allowing residency in Japan, yes you could apply for permanent residency.

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Re: Looking at Moving to Japan with partner 2019/6/21 13:00
One other idea - not having a bachelor's degree is not necessarily a permanent condition - your partner could think about getting one.

I think the hardest part might be getting a job as a science teacher at an international school. There are only a handful of such schools in the country, and they all presumably already have science teachers on staff, so it would be a matter of luck finding one with a vacancy, as well as beating whatever competition there may be for the job.
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Re: Looking at Moving to Japan with partner 2019/6/21 15:15

Sorry, that's not married (if you were, you would have said so) - so they have to qualify for work on their own merit and without a degree or being able to read/speak the language are going to find that very difficult.

Immigration would be as brutal/impersonal denying a status of residence.
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