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Pursue Music/Permanently settle in Japan 2019/6/22 03:51
I'm a 19 year old living in India. I'm currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Music from a well renowned international university. Aside from this I'm also preparing for the rock and pop exams of Trinity College London for vocals. So, by the time I graduate university I'll have my graduate degree and also a certificate from Trinity College London.

I started getting into J-pop when I was 11. I was obsessed with anime. And it just stuck to me forever. I always dreamed about being a J-pop singer. It felt unrealistic and far-fetched as a 11 year old. It was just a fantasy and I would just sing in the shower and often record myself singing on my phone. Living in India, I wasn't really encouraged to do music. I never thought of it as a possibility. I always thought I had to study a lot, probably become a doctor.

I started getting more into music when I graduated high school. I bought a cheap USB condenser mic and recorded myself sing everyday. I learnt how to use basic softwares. I started doing covers of my favorite anime openings. At first it sounded really bad. Bad vocals, bad processing. My knowledge about music was nil. My singing wasn't that great either. But I had so much fun. I discovered how much I LOVE to sing. I sang my heart out every single day. I did that for almost a year until it was time to decide which direction I want to be headed. I was uncertain if I wanted singing to be my hobby or my profession. After a lot of thinking I just followed my heart. I love to sing. I love music. That is my passion.

My singing has obviously, drastically improved since the first time I recorded something. It's still not perfect or how great I'd like it to be but I'm getting there. I've come this far from singing in the shower and recording on my phone. Being here today is something I never imagined as a 11 year old. It was a fantasy. But I'm here today, I made it happen.

I want to move to Japan to pursue my dream. But things may not always happen as you planned them. I'd like to know how far fetched the idea of being a J-pop artist actually is, considering my ethnicity, not speaking the language proficiently (yet). I want to know what the process actually is to be an artist. And if that plan fails, what are the other alternative job opportunities for a musician in Japan. And if the degrees and certificates have any value if I want to teach music in Japan.

I have made up my mind that I want to permanently settle in Japan somewhere in the future. However, I don't want to be reckless and make decisions that would end in a catastrophe. Any help or advice regarding the same would be appreciated. I know I wrote a lot and props to anyone who read the whole thing xD

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Re: Pursue Music/Permanently settle in Japan 2019/6/22 15:39
Japanese music market is shrinking due to population decline.
On the other hand, music is in oversupply
So you should think that the future can not be expected.

First of all, the basis of the present Jpop is only applying the grammar of
Western music that Beatles opened up in mid 1960s over 50 yrs before.
Jpop can not win easy in the world music market.

Music sales are changing from packages(CD) to streaming(download),
and have already changed to earn big profits from live(concert).

You can do it from any country as long as you just make music and deliver it to Japan.

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Re: Pursue Music/Permanently settle in Japan 2019/6/23 09:35
Ethnicity is an issue - and looks.
There is an "Entertainer" visa you could apply for.
You will need to show you can support yourself/have enough money to live.
The music business in the country is fierce and competitive and sections controlled by different management companies. At 19 you are already many years behind those you will be competing against.

Have you ever been to Japan before?
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