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Bicycle rental in Kinugawaonsen? 2019/6/22 22:24
I'm looking for a place to rent a bicycle from at Kinugawaonsen, but my search has been fruitless so far. Does anybody know how and where to rent a bicycle around there?
by Erik (guest)  

Re: Bicycle rental in Kinugawaonsen? 2019/6/23 15:59
There seems to be a docomo rental share service available with 6 places close to the station:


It seems that this service is quite new and I donft find an English page of it. But most likely it is going to work in the same way as the docomo bicycles elsewhere in Japan. Here some explanation from Tokyo:


These bicycles are ridiculously small, sturdy , eBikes. But it can be quite fun to ride through the city but on them an they had a great uptake in Tokyo where now you see nearly everywhere in the center people cruising around on them.

Enjoy your ride!
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Re: Bicycle rental in Kinugawaonsen? 2019/6/23 17:11
Thank you. I tried looking for Docomo too, but the only result I could get was that second link. It's good to know these stations actually exist in Kinugawa.
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