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Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/23 17:45
I am currently married to a Japanese who I really love but all of a sudden she wanted a divorce. I knew its coming cause I can sense that she is talking to someone. I am married to her for 3 years and 2 mos. I asked the reason why she wants divorce and she said, she doesnt see future with me. I am working full-time and doing everything for her. I dont understand why she would say that. My question is, can I stay in Japan after she divorce me?
Is there any case like mine that was allowed to stay in japan? Im from the Philippines btw.
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Re: Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/24 13:18
why don't you check if your employer can sponsor your visa? I always tell people here... if possible, never, ever rely on a spouse visa because then things like this happen...

btw, your wife saying that she sees no future with you could have several meanings beyond just the financial. but that's up to you to figure out.

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Re: Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/24 13:36
Sorry to hear that.
After divorce, immigration will give you some times to sort out your current stays/situation.
You will be given at least 6 months period (since 2012, before that you can stay until your spouse status expired). In that time you try to get your thing in order, try to apply/change to other resident status such as Long term or 'working'.

Well you have few options to consider in order to continue staying in Japan.

1. Try to apply for permanent resident PR.
Discuss with your wife, to postponed the divorce until you tried applying for PR.
Since you've been married for more than 3 years, you can try applying for PR.
What is your current spouse status period?

2. Change status to Long term resident or 'work visa'
You can apply for change of status to LTR or working, depending on you satisfying certain
requirements. Try asking you current company to sponsor you for a change to 'working'.

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Re: Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/24 16:19
I am working fulltime job at Naval Base at Yokosuka. They said they cant sponsor visa but can provide as far as certificate that I work there.
With this being said, i guess I am screwed. I can no longer stay here in Japan?
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Re: Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/24 16:54
Find a new job and have the company be your sponsor to change your resident status.

Or try your luck with long term resident, but then again you must make a good case to immigration.
You having the reason to continue living in Japan because of your existing fulltime job at the base may work into your favor. No guarantee, so nothing to lose but try.
Having an immigration lawyer may help..

Did you read the link given above/below? Check No. 3 Change your residential status

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Re: Divorcing to Japanese National, no child 2019/6/25 07:57
Have you thought about going back to your country and starting over with your life. Unless you can secure a job of 270000 yen a month, I can only see that you will have a hard time living in Japan. Luckily you don't have any children by her.
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