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Flying into Yakushima 2019/6/23 21:54
Ifm looking at the most efficient way of getting to Yakushima.

Thinking of flying from sg to Osaka then changing a domestic flight to Yakushima.

My return journey is from Fukuoka to SG.

However i canft seem to figure out how to get such tickets from JAL. Can anyone advise pls?
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Re: Flying into Yakushima 2019/6/24 12:35
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Re: Flying into Yakushima 2019/6/24 15:39
Note that they are not selling tickets past late October yet. How do I know - I'm waiting to do the same thing potentially as you!!
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Re: Flying into Yakushima 2019/6/24 17:34
As far as I know you can't use "JAL Japan Explorer Pass" fare for Yakushima flights (from Osaka, Fukuoka and Kagoshima).


You will see there is no Yakushima for destination. Osaka to Yakushima is around 28,000 yen at the low end for advance rate (for all nationalities including Japanese). You can use JAL Japan Explorer Pass fare, ANA Experience JAPAN Fare from Osaka to Kagoshima (around 10000 yen) and then advance rate for Kagoshima to Yakushima (around 8000 yen). You can even fly with Peach, Skymark etc. to find even lower rates for Osaka to Kagoshima leg.
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