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Lost wallet with IDs 2019/6/24 10:32
Hi, I lost my wallet in Dotonbori area last night (Jun23) after shopping at Dongki. May I know which police station should I go to to file a report? Or which metro line in that area has the nearest lost & found?

Hope someone would respond :( thank you so much.
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Re: Lost wallet with IDs 2019/6/24 11:54
Assuming that someone picked it up, it is likely that he would report it to the nearest (most convenient to the finder) police box or police station.

Open the google map in Dotombori area and there are several police boxes/stations. Ask at one of them and they can research if other stations received such lost item. Search gpoliceh.

Minami Police Station Ebisubashi Police Box
1-chōme-10-ԂQ Dōtonbori, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 542-0071, Japan
+81 6-6281-1234
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Re: Lost wallet with IDs 2019/6/24 13:48
First of all, I hope you have contacted your ID issuers so that they could cancel your IDs in order to prevent abuse. Secondly, if you're sure you didn't lose it in Metro premises (such as inside a train or a train station), then there is no use contacting the Metro.

You can go to any "Koban" police booth or police station to file your report, because they're all connected on-line. But there is indeed a time lag until information is typed into the computer, so don't jump to conclusions if it doesn't show up soon.

You should also contact your embassy in Japan for assistance. Hope it turns out.
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