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Visa Application 2019/6/24 12:35
Hi Good day,

I married a japanese national 2 years ago, when I go back to my country because my COE was denied our marriage was failed, it was a tremendous time of my life. I am about to file a divorce and my former husband agreed with it. However he wont sponsor my visa, luckily my sister was able to sponsor my visa. My question is can I put in my application of visa single and my sister write in the invitation letter that I am going to have a divorce?.
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Re: Visa Application 2019/6/24 16:42
What type of visa are you applying for?
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Re: Visa Application 2019/6/24 17:34
If you are not divorced, you are not single. Make sure you state facts in your application. The first false statement, will raise lots of red flags.
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Re: Visa Application 2019/6/24 18:52
Just to summarize

married 2 years.
Applied for CoE, but rejected
After rejected, applying divorce (your current wife does not see future does not make sense)
Sister was able to sponsor visa after CoE rejected......

Which visa did you applied for? What visa did you apply for your sister support?
It sounds like you want to enter Japan anyway. This will also be thought by immigration since you are trying different way.

Do you know why your CoE was rejected? Did you try to get a lawyer for support?

Anyway giving falls statements on visa application can still revoke your visa.
Hopefully you filled in the correct and right information.
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Re: Visa Application 2019/6/24 21:41
Hi thank you for the answers

My sister will apply for tourist by that time we will process the divorce, i dont have plan to live in japan anymore it gives me too much heartache what i only want is to free myself from this pain. By the way as far as I know the COE got denied was because of his bank account. Lastly, will it be okay if my sister reason for her invitation was because I am going to have a divorce and i'll only last for 2 weeks?
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