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Cheapest way to move from Osaka to Tokyo 2019/6/26 14:32
Me and my husband are moving to tokyo next august, we are looking for the cheapest way to move our stuff.
We are going to throw away many things, but we wanna keep important things for us .
fridge, aircon, 1 tables, 1 kotatsu, 4 desktops, microwave, ricecooker, a small cooktops, bycicle, some plates and cups, some cloths.
I wanna take wachine machine too, if possible...
How much these can be?
It's first time moving so I have no idea...
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Re: Cheapest way to move from Osaka to Tokyo 2019/6/26 19:53
Here's a good article to read ..

cheapest maybe to rent a small kei truck and drive/move yourself.
Checkout akabou (https://www.akabou.jp/), you'll need Japanese for this
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