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Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/26 20:49
I am about to get divorced by the end of month. My ex wife has been ignoring me for a year and shefs been also cheating on me. Ifve no idea what to do.

Ifve been living in japan more than 5 years. And my visa is about to expire in the end of 2021.

Am I getting deported ? I love my job here and make some good money.

Ifm begging for advice, thank you guys and have a great evening.
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Re: Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/26 21:38
You still have some time until the end of 2021. And am I correct to assume that it is gspouse of Japanese nationalh status you have?

If you have been married for and living in Japan as gspouse of Japanese nationalh for more than five years, you are eligible to apply for gpermanent residenth status. Is there any way you can get your wife to cooperate on this (such as signing the guarantor letter - or maybe your employer can do this)?
Is there any way that you can get your employer to sponsor you for an employer-sponsored resident status? (I donft know your qualifications of course).
If you can say that you have your life established in Japan, you might have a chance with glong-term residenth status.

In any case, you donft have to worry about getting deported.
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Re: Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/27 04:27
Thank you so much. Shefs not cooperating at all. Do I have to inform the immigration about that or ?
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Re: Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/27 09:28
almost same situation as you ..read this

You'll need to inform immigration once your divorce is finalised.
Before 2012, you can stay on your spouse status until your period ends, but that has since change in 2012.
Now, immigration will give you 6 months to sort out your resident status, and after that they will start taking necessary steps to cancel/revoke your spouse status.

You won't be deport unless you willingly leave Japan once the immigration start processing of cancelling your visa.

As mention by previous comment, you have few option to follow through
1. Permanent Resident (PR) status
If your wife willing to help you out with the documentation.

2. 'Working' status
Depending on your work, get your company to be your guarantor/sponsor for change of status to
suitable 'working' status. You'll need to satisfy other relevant requirement as wells.

3. Long Term Resident status
Your best option, if you can get this, it is almost like PR, you will have no job restriction.
You will have to make your case with immigration, convince them that you have reason/commitment
to stay here. Normally having a child here will help a lot. Since you also have a job, get your
company to help.
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Re: Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/27 10:02
Wife is not willing to support and even asking for support to get PR status is a crime and would be considered as fake marriage if found out. I do not think this is the best advise to give.
She can always inform immigration about the situation also and than you have a bigger challenge.

as mentioned you have 6 month after your divorce to settle and find another legal way to get the correct visa. If you have children you have a better chance to stay.

After 6 months immigration can revoke you status and you need to prepare to leave Japan.

Since your visa ends in 2021 you have to consider leaving. Or ask your work to sponsor by working visa.

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Re: Getting divorced need advice 2019/6/27 15:30
Also when you move out , you need to inform about your new address!
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