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Turkey/Turkish related job? 2019/6/26 20:55
I'm a Turkish citizen who is having a problem to find a workplace providing working visa. Every single company I talked to told me to contact them once I get a visa. I can't get a working holiday visa because I'm a Turkish citizen. I can't self sponsor either. Whoever I talked to told me that they wanted to hire me because of my language skills but everyone backed out in the end because they don't want to deal with the visa process. I really want to work in Japan and I heard that the easiest way is to find a job related to Turkey or Turkish since it will be almost certain that I would be able to obtain a visa.

( I'm a native Turkish and Armenian speaker, fluent in English (have IELTS and TEFL certification) and lastly my Japanese is business level(I have N2 certification).)

Does anyone know where I can find a Turkey related job? I searched a lot on the internet but can't find anything. Please help me.
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Re: Turkey/Turkish related job? 2019/6/26 22:00
I would suggest to look for English teaching positions that are specifically for people without a visa. Ie from companies that know that they will need to sponsor your visa.

Turkey related might be more complicated and still leaves the problem of the visa application process.
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Re: Turkey/Turkish related job? 2019/6/27 09:50
I know several Turkish persons around me.
But most have no related work with Turkey since it is difficult.

As mentioned an Teaching job with visa sponsor would be one of the options.
If you do not have any related visa than getting a job is difficult, even if you speak the language.
The problem is that a company needs to invest and without the required skills (certification, work experience, diplomas) it will be not interested for a company to invest.

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