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About Koseki tohon 2019/6/27 08:49
Hello, My son is in America and needs his Koseki tohon to renew his Japanese Passport. I notice that we can request it by mail. The problem is that we are not sure where it is at. He was born in Shizuoka but we moved to Kamiooka, then to Tsurumi. it may be in Kamiooka. Is there an email that he can write to check and see if his Koseki is there and have them send it? Or do I need to go down to the Ward office to check?

Also, it's been a while, but is the Kamiooka Ward office the Yokohama ward office the same?

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Re: About Koseki tohon 2019/6/27 17:30
Unlike the "juuminhyo (certificate of residence)", your koseki does not move around easily. It has nothing to do with the place you were born or lived either. (For example, I have never in my life lived at my own koseki.)

On the page of your son's passport where his photograph is shown, what does it say under "Registered Domicile"? That's where his koseki was when that passport was issued, and most likely where it is now.

But in order to obtain the copy, you still need to know the exact address of his koseki (this is called honseki 本籍). A Japanese national should have this address written down somewhere for safe keeping. If your son has an old Japanese driver's license that is not IC, his honseki might be written on the back of it. To be precise, it is either also written or registered in his passport, although the newer IC one's do not show the address on paper.

If he is registered as a resident of a foreign country instead of Japan, a juuminhyo is not required. But if he is still registered as a resident of Japan, you need to find out where his juuminhyo is as well, which is most likely at the last place he lived in Japan or the last place he lived in Japan with his parent(s).

Copies of koseki and juuminhyo can be obtained at convenience stores as well as gyousei corners within Japan. If you are in Japan, you can visit one and discuss it. If you are overseas, your Japanese embassy may be able to help you.

is the Kamiooka Ward office the Yokohama ward office the same?

There are no such things as Kamiooka Ward office nor Yokohama ward office. The so-called Kamiooka area is located in Minami-ku (Minami Ward), and the Minami Ward Office is in charge of the area. Yokohama is a City that consists of many ku (ward) including Minami-ku which includes Kamiooka, and the Yokohama City Hall is in charge of the city. Just for reference, Yokohama City is a city within Kanagawa Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture is a whole different place.
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