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Tsuronoyu onsen: Can I walk to other baths? 2019/6/28 01:38
My partner and I have a reservation for two nights in November for Tsuronoyu in Nyuto Onsen. I spent two nights in Kurokawa Onsen on a previous trip and really enjoyed the "town" feel of the onsen. Upon looking at the rudimentary map on Japan-Guide.com and reading about Tsuronoyu it seems that it's a long walk just to get from Tsuronoyu back to the main road and it appears that the other 7 rotenburo in Nyuto onsen are all clumped together. My partner and I are sort of exploratory people, during our full day in Nyuto, how easy or difficult is it to visit the other baths in Nyuto onsen, are there any restaurants/shops/things to do/see in the more clumped part of Nyuto like there is in other onsen towns. Would we be better off changing our reservation for one night to stay in one of the other locations in Nyuto Onsen?

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Re: Tsuronoyu onsen: Can I walk to other baths? 2019/6/28 14:38
I went to both Tsurunoyu as well as the Nyuto onsen area, but stayed somewhere else further down the slope.

From Tsurunoyu to Nyuto onsen would be a hike. Probably not too far, but not a small walk. Google maps can give you a feeling for the distance. However Tsurunoyu has a shuttle bus which was what I took. Plus for Nyuto onsen there are public busses. I believe there is also a shuttle bus between the onsen that is available for people who stay there. And there is a pass (similar to Kurokawa Onsen) to visit several onsen in a day. I just moved around with normal bus. They arenft super frequent but if you look up the time schedule you can time yourself accordingly. Your hotel will have a copy of it.

Nyuto onsen for me hasnft the same kind of gonsen townh feeling as Kurokawa Onsen or Ginzan onsen has. But the Nyuto onsen part itself is relatively compact.

Depending on how much time you have in that region you could also visit
- Tazawako
- Hachimantai with Tamagawa onsen and further onsen and mud volcanoes up in the mountains. Tamagawa onsen is reachable by public transport (not very frequent but possible) the mountain area i think only by car. But itfs hugely enjoyable. If you have the time you could rent a car down in Tazawako for a day or two.

However if you only have a day I would stay in Tsurunoyu and Nyuto onsen. Maybe just go down to Tazawako in the day.

Regarding restaurants and shops, in my memory there werenft any. You can find some lunch in some of the onsen places (eg in Tsurunoyu) but dinner would be complicated if you havenft reserved it with your stay. ( I hadnft for 1 night and was lucky that the hotel kind of arranged thatfs a small restaurant nearby opened just for me.

Here my experience in the area: (I stayed 3 nights and later came back - by car - for a separate trip to Tamagawa onsen)

And my personal list of onsen in Japan:

Enjoy the soak!
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