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Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/28 18:43
Hello good day!
I have a question, Last year my visa is a student visa by 2018. I live with my sister and her family. After I get married to a Japanese in 2019 I get a spouse Japanese visa.
But now, my husband wants to file a divorce. We are not ok. She is having a baby with another woman. And we decided to separate and divorce. But my husband wants to cancel my visa in immigration. But I have 1 year visa. Is this possible to cancel my visa but not yet expires?

Thank you!
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Re: Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/29 08:48
If you are on a spouse visa and get divorced, then you are not a spouse. Your husband is not cancelling the visa, immigration will do that for you. You need to get a different status of residence if you want to stay in Japan.
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Re: Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/29 09:06
Thank you for the response. But I am worried because he wants to cancel my visa. Is this possible that my ex-husband cancel my visa in immigration? I have 1 year more before my visa will get expires.
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Re: Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/29 11:19

Almost same situation as above.
No one can cancel/revoke your visa/resident status except the authority the Immigration.

in case of divorce, your Japanese husband will inform the immigration, and that is all he can do.
After that, it is the immigration decision to decide how to handle/proceed with your resident status.
Since 2012, once divorce had been informed to immigration, they will give you at least 6 months time to get your status things/situation/lifes in order.

During that time, you need to decide whether you will return home back to your country or if you want to continue staying in Japan, then you need to change your status of resident to work visa (need to find job and get a company to sponsor/guarantor) or long term resident (depending on your reasons/case.)

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Re: Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/29 18:14
If your husband inform immigration about the divorce then you have only 6 moth time to find another status to get or to go your own country but if your husband not call the immigration about the situation then you can stay until your resident status expire but then you will be have difficult time in immigration for not informing them about divorce.
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Re: Can my husband cancel my visa? 2019/6/29 20:27
Plus presumably you are going to move out. If so, you need to inform about your change of address within 2 weeks
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