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Health problem 2019/6/28 22:18
I read in a book that Japanese children are taught about the Hara Center(two inches below and behind the navel)right from childhood.:It is called Dan tien in China. I have a problem of overthinking as a result of which I my doing gets affected adversely and my doing in general is poor . Focusing on the hara center does make one thoughtless but I want to improve as much as possible for confidence in my work and life in general. I would appreciate any practical guidance on the issue- books in English on hara center or its exercises
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Re: Health problem 2019/6/29 14:40
We arenft really taught about it in school – Ifve been taught in yoga school (in my gym) about the importance of centering our body on that location. Maybe you could find some yoga lessons near you?
Hope you find some calm.
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Re: Health problem 2019/7/3 18:28
Useful Hara Breathing Exercise, hope that helps.
This two-part breathing exercise helps you set your hara, center yourself, and maintain expansive
energy at the same time. Itfs great for settling down and manifesting calm gravitas before entering a
challenging situation. Start by getting a feel for setting the hara (a), then do the inhale #1/exhale #1 (c
and d) a few times, then add inhale #2/exhale #2 (e and f) and alternate:
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