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Corporate credit card and credit score 2019/6/29 22:04
I have been in Japan for three months, and I currently work for a big traditional company. After so many applications, the only credit card I managed to get without any issue is a corporate card of my company (not Rakuten). The card says "corporate" on top, and below my name and the logo of the company on top, it is also punched again the name of the company with the same font used for my name. I was even surprised to see the credit limit at 1M.

Said this, do you know if this kind of card is useful to raise the credit score/info and the chances to get a better card with more benefits (since this is pretty much useless beyond simple payment)? Because, since many people claim everywhere that it becomes much easier to get other cards after the first, i applied for another card after about one month (I think a View Suica, which is the one I really need since it is used to pay for the canteen in my company), to be again rejected within minutes and no questions asked. I even tried subsequently to apply for an Epos card in person at Marui, only to be rejected live while the attendant was checking the information I entered (and I am wondering where is the red flag in my situation). Being extremely frustrated I asked for the credit information at JICC, only to see a list of all the inquiries from many of the credit companies I applied to, but no trace whatsoever of the corporate credit card.
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Re: Corporate credit card and credit score 2019/6/30 11:38
Cooporate credit card doesn't have anything to do with you as an individual.
The company pays their (not your) expenses with this card, not you.
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Re: Corporate credit card and credit score 2019/6/30 14:56
What worked for me is changing my bank. I went from Shinsei to Citibank (now Prestia) and after about 6 months or so applied for a credit card through them which was approved without problems. I later on got (again without problems) an AMEX at ANA.

There is no guarantee that moving your bank will resolve the situation.

As an alternative have you asked your company to help?

I also heard that applying over and over again isnft helping... but then obviously if you donft apply youfll never get a credit card.

I think I got mine about 1,5 year after moving to Japan. And also have no idea why I was rejected before.
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Re: Corporate credit card and credit score 2019/7/10 17:41
Actually the only help my company gave is to use the corporate card, that is actually linked to my bank account, unless I declare that the expenses were for business purpose, but since it is simply a piece of plastic that gives no benefit in return, and does not report to credit agencies, I would have no advantage in paying with it. The company even said that nobody has ever called them.
I have even asked the embassy of my country and the Tokyo consumer affairs consulting, but they both said they could not provide me any help, and the lady at the consumer center even said, after asking my details, that she could easily understand the reasons why I could be considered at high risk (she said 3 months in a company dorm is too little to be trustful).
I do not really understand what is causing all credit card, including AMEX that is supposedly easy to get, to be rejected without even verifying the information I input in the form, it seems always a machine is taking every decision. Might that be because of the reason they gave me at the consumer council?
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Re: Corporate credit card and credit score 2019/7/10 18:42
Many years ago when I started working, soon I moved out of my parentsf home and rented a small studio apartment in central Tokyo. Very soon afterwards I applied for a credit card from a credit card company affiliated with my main bank – and they rejected it. I got flustered and called up the credit card company to ask for the reasons; they never told me the specifics but the answer was that they looked at different factors including salary (not very good but constant), housing situation (just a few months in a newly rented apartment), continuity in employment (nope), etc., and made a comprehensive scoring decision. Things changed after a few years. And I am Japanese by the way.

I believe the first credit card I managed to get (when I was still in university, no income, still living with my parentsf house) was a locally branded card, cobranded with a travel agency, because of the pre-graduation trip that was popular with Japanese students.
Afterwards when I began working and lived on my own, the first card I got was with a credit card company affiliated with a retailer (department store), I guess they were OK with it expecting me to spend a lot with their retail locations. And this one has been my main card ever since.

I know my situation wasnft the same with yours, but just sharing my story for reference. You never know exactly how they assess your creditworthiness.
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