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Leaving and re-enterin Japan 2019/6/29 23:13
Hello everyone!
I am a first-year student in a Japanese university. This coming August, I am planning to go back to my home country and come back to Japan in October 1st.
I will be moving out of the university dorm from August 1st which means I will have no permanent address in Japan until I come back in October.(...60 days) However, the law says I need to notify the ward office within 14 days of moving out of the university dorm. I am planning to come back in October and find a new place to live before the semester starts and only after that, I can notify the ward office.
Is there any exception to situations like this when it comes to notification policy? I mean can i notify them after finding a new house in October?
Thanks !
by Arsen (guest)  

Re: Leaving and re-enterin Japan 2019/6/30 11:55
Obviously if you are not moving to a new address in Japan, there is no new address to report. Just report that you are leaving Japan.
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