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Questions about reentry and one way ticket 2019/6/30 03:17
Hi guys. So I just bought a ticket from japan to my home country Philippines and I dont have any reentry. I have a long term japan visa, would this cause an issue?
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Re: Questions about reentry and one way ticket 2019/6/30 12:51
If you plan on coming back to Japan, then without 're-entry permit' it will definitely cause a problem when you re-enter Japan using your existing long term resident status_LTR
No re-entry permit is like telling the immigration at the airport you are leaving permanently,
no intend of returning, thus cancelling your LTR.
The immigration may ask you about that before you leave.

Just in case FYI.
New regulation since July 2012.
For re-entry purpose for those with valid resident status, you have 2 option:

1.Special re-entry (at airport) Embarkation and Disembarkation Card for Re-entrants
Leave and enter japan within 1 year. No need prior application, just fill in the
form at the airport (available before immigration counter). No fees.

2.Re-entry permit
 If you plan to leave and enter Japan more than 1 year.
Need to apply at nearest immigration office, 3,000 yen for single or 6,000 yen for multiple permit.
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Re: Questions about reentry and one way ticket 2019/7/1 11:06
It does not matter if you have a long term visa.
You need to have a prepare reentry to return.

Without can have consequences at custom
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