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Change DOB alien Registration Certificate? 2019/6/30 10:54
Ohaio Guzaimaas! I was born in Tokyo Japan in the year 1997. Currently, I am living in Pakistan. But my father lives there (Not Japanese). I have Japanese Alien Registration Certificate of course. My date of birth in alien certificate is 23/08/1997 and the date of birth in my passport, school and college certicate, pakistani ID card, my bank accounts is 23/07/1997, in my home country. Only difference is in certificate, all other documents are the same. The difference was mistakenly created when applying for matriculation and could not be changed, they asked me to continue this new date of birth in my ID, eventually passport. However, when I went to make a passport, I thought I would not show my Japanese DOB, and my old passport which I used when getting out of Japan in 2000. But the system knew it, so I had to show my old passport with the old DOB. When I asked that the date of birth is different in both passports they said it is the problem of Japanese government not us ( silly them). So now my every document has the same DOB except the alien certificate. I am planning to visit Japan. I am wondering will the immigration bureau will notice the change? Please give me some legal advice on this matter. My first preference is to change my DOB in registration card. How to do that? Please help me in this regard.
Thank you.
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Re: Change DOB alien Registration Certificate? 2019/6/30 13:30
you can't change the records in Japan, because it is true.
technically, you can change your home records, because it is wrong.
I think there should be some court (family court) which deals these troubles in your country. ask a lawyer (in your country).
since the birth date in your passport is different, you can't touch your original information in Japan. it means that, when you want to have some certificates from Japan in future, you can't.
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