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Contract work 2019/7/1 14:40
I got contracts work from april to september 2019 for 6months. It is mentioned in contract that employee can break the contract by giving 1 month notice. Of course I want to work till september. But now my manager told that the company may remove me by july end. Can any company force you to quit the job before contract ends ? Can I claim full salary till september if they remove me in july end?
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Re: Contract work 2019/7/1 19:14
I thought (unless your contract specifically allows it) neither the employees of a fixed term contract could quit the contract nor the employers could terminate the contract without an unavoidable circumstances (like the employees getting ill or the employer going bankrupt).
When it is allowed due to such circumstances, the employer can terminate the contract if they pay extra one month' worth of salary.
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Re: Contract work 2019/7/2 09:37
You have a work contract which mention should explain.
If your employer wants to fire you for a legit reason than they can do that is mention in the contract.

Even if there is no mention in the contract and you will be fired at the end of July you should talk with your employer. If it does not work you can always hire a lawyer.
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