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Kotatsu - Futon - Shipping to Canada? 2019/7/2 22:49
Hey guys,

No rush, here are some stuff that I nees to ship to Canada. I will go back to there.

1 Kotatsu YAMAZEN 75cmx75cm (I do not really use the heater, so I won't have to worry about voltage, etc.)
1 Futon
1 Kotatsu Chair 50cm width
6 boxes of HG Gundam and 8 figurines.
1 Zitakukeibitai N.E.E.T outfit (Helmet, combat vest, etc, no gun)

I only have one luggage and I could only put 4 Gunplas and 3 figurines,

What is your suggestion? How can I bring all of them? Should I buy more carry-on bags? What about kotatsu, futon and low chair?

Thanks in advance!

by Kuppuw  

Re: Kotatsu - Futon - Shipping to Canada? 2019/7/3 15:08
Look into removal companies. I know from some friends who moved from Tokyo to Oslo that they got just a few cubic meters of shipment. It will probably take several weeks to arrive but you arenft going to be in a hurry to receive it.
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