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Type of visa/COE 2019/7/4 13:08
Hi! I was once married to a Japanese and lived in Japan for 2yrs. Technically we are already divorced in Japan but not in PH (we were married in PH). Current situation: Ifm now in PH for 3yrs and I have a baby who is half Japanese (my current partner is also a Japanese). My question is, how can we have a COE to go to Japan? Or what type of visa should we get? Thanks!
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Re: Type of visa/COE 2019/7/4 15:29
First step is to get a full divorce, then marry your new partner. Spouse visa is only for married couples. Plus other conditions apply, such as financial stability in Japan. But I think the first steps is getting into a position where the two of you can marry.
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Re: Type of visa/COE 2019/7/4 16:24
Thanks for your response. We donft have divorce here in PH, we can only have annulment and it takes years ; btw, itfs on process. For the meantime we want to visit Japan so the grand parents can see my baby. Would it be possible to get a tourist visa than COE?
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Re: Type of visa/COE 2019/7/4 19:07
Read here:

There are many visa categories including tourism but also a special one for philipino mother of half Japanese child.

If you want to reside in Japan on a spouse visa however you need to get married. And you canft get married without being fully divorced first.
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