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Regarding Visa 2019/7/4 18:57
Hi, i'm currently studying at a japanese languange school and this is my last term studying here.
I'm planning to apply to a senmon gakkō around this september/october for the april term next year.

I asked the teachers regarding my visa because it expires this october but i will come back to Japan april next year if i got accepted by the school.

They said i should extend my languange school period and study there until april next year and i can extend my visa again later for continuing my study at the senmon gakkō.

But, i don't want to extend my language school and planning to stay in my country until april next year.

About applying to a senmon gakkō, there are 2 options, for those residing in Japan and those residing overseas.

My questions is, what will happen if i choose to apply to the school by the option for those residing overseas while my status is still residing in Japan(but will expires soon)?
I think that is the best option so far for me because i get to apply for a new student visa that way without extending my languange school period.
Can anyone give me some of your thoughts regarding the visa problem?
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Re: Regarding Visa 2019/7/5 11:23
If your study finished your visa basically also finished.
If you have no work or other way to get an new visa you need to return back to your home country and apply accordingly for a new visa.
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Re: Regarding Visa 2019/7/5 15:21
They said i should extend my languange school period and study there until april next year
They want your money.
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