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Should I get another omikuji? 2019/7/5 17:07
I got an omikuji from Sensoji Temple. I realized later on that I got the omikuji from the wrong drawer (oops, sorry they looked similar okay??). By that time, I already read what was on the paper. Is my current omikuji valid? Or should I get a new one and tie the one I have now to the iron rods?
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Re: Should I get another omikuji? 2019/7/6 11:00
If u draw a bad result, tie it to the on-site tree usual.
This is bc the site is the area of God, and it is said that "the bad fate can be cut off".
If u think that "God accepts only the part of bad luck.", it will be understandable.
Temple is NOT Shrine strictly different, though.

However, this is just a "custom", so u don't have to think serious.
Like card game(Blackjack etc), it is the same as whether u get a new card.
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Re: Should I get another omikuji? 2019/7/6 11:47

I believe the OP drew the gwrongh omikuji, not a gbad luckh one.

If I were you, I would take it that THAT one I happened to take in my hand, though wrongly, was my fate at that moment – so I would say the one you have now in your hand is yours. But if it makes you feel better, and if you feel like going back there, you could give it another try :)
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Re: Should I get another omikuji? 2019/7/6 12:15
Thanks both of you!

yep you got my question. Haha I'll just think of it as my fortune. Maybe what happened was fate or something lol.
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