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Working for 3 months in Tokyo 2019/7/6 05:46
Hello all!

I am looking to live in Tokyo for 3 months and am willing to get a working visa, however are there even any English speaking jobs that will hire for only 3 months? Anything helps!

Thank you in advance!
by Brittany Fishman (guest)  

Re: Working for 3 months in Tokyo 2019/7/6 16:41
Ifd say quite unlikely as getting a work visa is a certain investment of time and energy. Plus in only 3 months you are just about starting to work. Except maybe in a factory or picking fruits I feel that 3 months are too short for any type of work experience. Not only in Japan.

You have other options though:
- if you come from a country and are in the right age to get a working holiday visa that could be an option
- if you are from a visa waiver country you can simply go fir 3 months for tourism to Japan. You cannot work, but you can go to a language school or some other type of course if you are interested.
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