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Kamiyama family crest 2019/7/7 10:33
I am having the hardest time finding the kamiyama family crest, the description said it was a three petal lily around a center stem in white all in a red boarder. Though I have looked online and found similar images they all say they belong to another family.
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Re: Kamiyama family crest 2019/7/7 16:49
To begin with, how did you learn of that description? And why do you want to find the design?

This is a forum about Japan, and when people say "family crest", it usually means the traditional Japanese "kamon". But kamon does not come with color.
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Re: Kamiyama family crest 2019/7/7 22:25
Also do you know how to write Kamiyama? 上山?神山?
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Re: Kamiyama family crest 2019/7/7 22:39
Kamiyama is the last name on my late father's side of the family and I had found the description that made reference to the mon having red in it on a random page in Google searches. I'm pretty sure it is spelled 神山 I would get more info from my dad but he is deceased and I don't know much about his family.
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Re: Kamiyama family crest 2019/7/8 01:44
Thank you for your feedback. A mon is typically printed on formal items such as formal kimono and sometimes dishware among other items. Try to look into things your family has left behind or ask his relatives. It is also typically engraved on older tombstones in Japan (although nowadays people don't necessarily engrave mon on them).

Meanwhile, I'm afraid that names and mon don't always make an exact match. You need to check his family in order to find out the exact mon that has been carried on in that specific family. It would be very easy to find if your father has deceased family resting in Japan.
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