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Tokyo in July 2019/7/8 22:14
We are heading over to Tokyo on July 14th. We have been to Tokyo twice before but during Spring Break (2019 and 2017). My husband and I are going over just to get my 10 year old son and his friend settled for their month long stay to study Japanese. We'll be there for 10 days.

Any ideas on some fun and interesting indoor places (with A/C) to visit? I know we'll have to deal with the hot, humid weather getting to/from the train station from our apartment. Also, how is the weather this summer so far?
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Re: Tokyo in July 2019/7/9 11:49
Tokyo has some nice museums (like the National Museum in Ueno) and observation towers (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Skytree, Tokyo Tower), all of which have AC.

But honestly, if you and your husband are only going to be in Japan for 10 days, and you son only for a month, my advice for dealing with the summer heat would be nice hat to keep the sun off your face, a thick washcloth to wipe the sweat off yourself, and several bottles of water throughout the day (purchased from Japan's ever-present vending machines) to keep yourself hydrated and cool.

While Tokyo does indeed get hot and humid during the summer, the conditions aren't so bad as to be dangerous. Yes, you'll get sweaty, but if you're only here for a short time, I'd say to see whatever sights sound interesting to you, regardless of whether or not they're indoors or air-conditioned. When you look back on your time in Japan, odds are the memories of where you went and what you did will take precedence over how much you sweat.
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Re: Tokyo in July 2019/7/9 12:39
Greater Tokyo has been suffering an unusually cold and rainy rain season so far that I postponed my vacation here in Japan, and I'm still scared that it would be too cold next week.

Meanwhile, the weather has been highlighting leaves and flowers. You might enjoy some gardens while you're here. The boys can go to boys' places after you parents leave Japan.

What are the boys interested in, anyway? At 10, preferences may vary greatly depending on the person.
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Re: Tokyo in July 2019/7/9 13:54
As Uco said, it depends on what your boys like to do. But there are lots of indoor activities for kids that get you out of the heat! (Or, well, this year so far more like get you out of the rain and chill!)

I only have a 2.5 year old, but I think she'll really enjoy the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama when she's a bit older. It's a pretty hands-on museum, and you can make your own noodles and eat noodles from different countries. It's interesting for both kids and adults! Traditional art museums might be boring for 10 year olds, but at that age I found modern art museums with the really kooky artworks pretty fun. Look for those that have hands on activites; I think the Shitamachi museum in Tokyo has workshops for making various traditional Japanese crafts? I can't remember, it's been a long time since I visited tbh... but something like that might be fun.

Or if they like science, space, or robotics, the Chiba Institute of Technology has some cool stuff in the same building as the Sky Tree. There's lots of stuff like that depending on their interests, so just search around for those kinds of activities/places.
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Re: Tokyo in July 2019/7/9 16:35
For museums in Tokyo I like the Edo Tokyo Museum, which has a lot of exhibits about Tokyo from the Edo era to the modern day. From memory there are a lot of interactive items that the boys might enjoy. It is near the small but quite perfect Hokusai Museum.

Also near there is the sumo district-there's a free museum (I've not been).

It will be hot, be sure to take plenty of sunscreen and hats. People do tend to cover up, I usually carry a light cotton scarf to cover bare arms and neck.

Have a wonderful time in Japan!
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Re: Tokyo in July 2019/7/10 08:28
you could go to odaiba. I'm sure the kids would like the team lab, the fool the eye art museum, the toyota exhibit, the gandam whatever etc etc
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