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Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 10:27
I've been over the forum a few times and seen conflicting answers to this question. In short I want to know if it's necessary to have my marriage registered in my home country to apply for my spouse visa if my partner and I got married in Japan. I would assume a Japanese marriage is sufficient but some people have suggested that immigration questioned why their marriage wasn't registered back home.

The long version - my partner and I live in my home country but will be returning to Japan to live at the end of 2020. We will be traveling to Japan to visit her family around the end of 2019 and have decided to get married there during that time. Then we will return here and I'll apply for my spouse visa from MY HOME COUNTRY. I do not want to register my marriage in my home country unless it's entirely necessary as our marriage laws are horrible and it'll have very real consequences for my brother and co-owned assets in the event of a split (not that I anticipate that, but I need to consider all possibilities). If it's necessary I can just marry here and cash out of the assets, I just need to know which is true. Thank you for any info you have!

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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 13:10
Depends on your home country law, if need you need to do.
For applying Spouse visa only Registration of Marriage Form (Konin Todoke) is required including signature of two witnesses.

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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 13:34
So you'll be applying for a COE for the "spouse of Japanese national" residency status, correct?

I do not know if the requirements of the COE are different from changing your residency status while in Japan, which is all I (or those I know) have experience with, so I would call directly to the Japanese embassy in your home country to ask for a list of the exact documents you will need. They will give you the most accurate and up-to-date answer. In Japanese, the immigration website only asks for "proof of marriage". In my experience (and from what I've heard ofrom others) of changing over a residency status while here in Japan, regional immigration offices and individual immigration officers will often interpret that to mean different things, sometimes requiring a document proving the registration in the other country. This is why you've seen conflicting answers!

In my case, my home country literally has no way of "registering" a foreign marriage. That is to say, since I got married in Japan, that IS my marriage registration. I just told the immigration officer this, and it wasn't a problem. But I have heard stories of people also from my country required to bring a document from the embassy stating that there is no marriage registration to prove that even if they wanted to, registering the marriage in the other country is impossible.

Since it IS possible to do so in your country it sounds like, it may very well be required of you to register it in order to receive the COE. So you will definitely want to talk to the embassy at which you will submit your COE documents to make sure whether it is necessary or not.
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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 14:33
when you get married in Japan with a Japanese and have a baby, your baby can get a Japanese nationality. also, the baby can get your nationality. can you give your nationality to the baby without registering the marriage in your country ?
if so, the marriage, which is made in Japan, is valid in your country without any paperwork.
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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 19:13
From my experience helping marriage in Japan for a couple of people (both non-Japanese) it was not necessary to formally register the marriage in their home country (UK and US) as the Japan marriage is automatically recognized. However, it might be different in your particular case as another poster says - different countries have different rules.
For re-marriage - there are different considerations.
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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/9 20:54
Ditto to what other have said, you need to check with the embassy in your country whether they need/required proof from your country with regards to the marriage.

Also pointed out, problem with the registration/nationality of your future child to your country, if you don't register your marriage.
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Re: Do I need to register my marriage at home? 2019/7/10 07:25
Thanks a lot guys, I'll do just that. I figure as I'll be applying from my home country after we've gotten married in Japan, I will be able to easily register the marriage here if need be anyway. But I'll confirm for sure at the embassy.
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