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Leaving Japan and visa 2019/7/10 19:57
Hi, My student visa is about to expire in October, but in July 29th i will go back to my country for summer holiday and then back to japan again in August 29th, the question is am i allowed to leave japan by the immigration? because my visa is about to expire in 3 months
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Re: Leaving Japan and visa 2019/7/11 10:50
Yes you are allowed to leave.
But you need to consult with you school, since you may have to proceed a notice of temporary leave.
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Re: Leaving Japan and visa 2019/7/12 16:32
Yes, you are allowed to leave Japan. Just make sure to fill out one of those embarkation cards for re-entrance at the passport control section at the airport. Check the boxes that state "within one year" and "1. I am leaving Japan temporarily and will return" and present your residence card alongside it. All you simply have to do afterwards is present these to the immigration officer.
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