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Arima Onsen Dilemma 2019/7/11 08:04
Hi All,

At present, I'm currently considering staying at Arima onsen for one night but am finding a room to be a bit out of my price range. I'll tell you my dilemma, I'm looking on staying on December 20th (Friday night), hoping to score an ok room with a serviceable breakfast/dinner and some type of ok onsen available in the hotel (not in my room) for around or slightly under 20,000 yen. I'm a single and have not been able to find places that I'd normally find for a reasonable price.

Just trying to work out if it's the 3 month window, weekend window or if I'm totally out of the price ball park....
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Re: Arima Onsen Dilemma 2019/7/11 13:17
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Re: Arima Onsen Dilemma 2019/7/11 15:15
Or have a look here:

But Jalan sometimes shows you the price not for that night, although you input it. Or lowest price is for a room without any food. However the list isnft too long so although itfs in Japanese you can probably go through it.

And as you said, it might simply be too early.
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Re: Arima Onsen Dilemma 2019/7/13 04:13
Well it looks as though I was too early. There are now quite a few places available. Any suggestions out of which of these you would suggest would be helpful...

(1) Arima Onsen Gekkoen Korokan (as much as I will pay)
(2) Arima Hot Spring Ryokan Kotori -
(3) Merveille Arima - japanican
(4) Arima Onsen Kotori (rakuten)
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Re: Arima Onsen Dilemma 2019/7/13 10:04
I have a good friend who just stayed in the Tocen Goshobo and really enjoyed it. I've no idea what the cost is. She's currently in Wakayama to attend a wedding.

I'm glad prices went down!
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