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Renewal of Residence Card 2019/7/11 14:54
I am holding PR status.
I travel out of Japan after obtaining Multiple Re-entry permit.
I have informed local ward office about my absence of Japan and they have deleted my name from residence register. I am now non-resident in Japan.
I return to Japan two times a year with re-entry permit.
I have my house address as it was before and my wife is house holder which in my name before. My wife is Japanese national.
My Residence Card is due for renewal and I need to know the procedure for renewal.
Do I have to become resident again to get the renewal.
Kindly guide.
Thank you
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Re: Renewal of Residence Card 2019/7/12 19:38
I donft have exact answer to your question but I am also in same situation. Have a PR and am non resident in Japan. I have got re-entry permit and I recently renewed/extended it during a recent trip to Japan. No questions asked or documents needed except passport and stamps
Since end date of reentry and residence card is different, I asked at immigration what if I am outside Japan when my residence card expires and I was told itfs ok and I can enter with expired one and then get it renewed. Wanted to share this info with you
You said you enter japan 2 times a year. Have you ever faced issue entering japan after long gaps?
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Re: Renewal of Residence Card 2019/7/14 14:23
Hello my friend - same situation

Thank you for writing and sharing information. I remain obliged.

I never had any difficulties during immigration clearance.

On departure I always informed the officer that I exit by using my multiple re-entry and that is all. In this case I was never asked to present Residence Card.

I am sure you must have obtained multiple re-entry.

For re-entry they do not ask documents but did not ask you for your Residence Card?

Regarding validity expired Residence Card now airlines at the time of check in do ask For Residence Card.

I read in this forum one PR holder was not allowed to board despite having valid reentry. So please be cautious and make very sure of yourself.

I believe this is because they know the rules of special re-entry which is for 1 year and no need for actual re-entry sticker.

I always show my 5 year multiple reentry.

Hope this provides you some information which is useful.

Thank you
Sincere Regards
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