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Travel with Katana/sword 2019/7/15 15:51

I would ike to buy a real Japanese sword when travelling there.can I then travel by camper with it?
Thank you.
by MIRKO M  

Re: Travel with Katana/sword 2019/7/17 03:00
You are more than welcome to buy your favorite items from Japanese super market.This item will be kept in your hotel room.Don't worry.but come Japan with little items.Return your home country with 50 kg
Souvenir item.
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Re: Travel with Katana/sword 2019/7/17 06:06
A few years ago I bought a nice katana to bring home as a gift for someone. The store I bought it from wrapped it up nice in a box with a handle on it for easy carrying. I didn't have any reason to take it out of the box while I was still travelling, so as long as you don't open it up to swing it around you should be fine.
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Re: Travel with Katana/sword 2019/7/17 09:55
I would check what you are allowed to bring into your home country; some may not allow weapons in either checked or carry-on baggage. You may need to consider buying a "fake" katana - i.e. the blade is not sharpenable.
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